Canary Island Cuisine



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Subtítulo: Suculent and natural
Categoría(s): Otros
Idioma(s): Inglés
Editorial: Everest
Año de publicación: 2006
EAN: 9788424117771
ISBN: 978-84-241-1777-1
Formato: Tapa blanda
Dimensiones: 16,5 x 20 cm
Peso: 160 g
Páginas: 64


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Canary Island Cuisine brings us the taste of the sea and the mountains. Truly delicious dishes made using natural ingredients. Intelligently combined aromas that will delight even the most demanding of palates. The convergence of the many different cultures that through the ages have to come to play a part in the history of the Canary Islands has inevitably left its mark on the local cuisine, one that is characterised above all by the very particular way in which the Islanders have adapted their cooking habits and the ability they have shown in continuing old culinary traditions.

> Typical recipe: «Gofio», prepared in many different ways
> The best dishes: From «papas arrugadas» to «bienmesabe»
> Practical information: Ingredients and specialities