Geological guide to the Teide National Park



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Año de publicación: 2015
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Geological guide to the Teide National Park – edited by IGME (Instituto Geológico y Minero de España)

The Teide volcano (3.718 m) is the highest summit of all the landmasses in the Atlantic Ocean and is the third highest volcanic island of the world. It arose in one of the biggest calderas on Earth, the Cañadas caldera, with a 45 km of perimeter and 600 m depth. This caldera has in its walls a complex and important geological history of the central part of the Tenerife Island. In this geological guidebook we show, in a divulgative way, the processes of volcanic construction, explosions, susidence and landslides that have made of this park one of the most impressive volcanic landscapes of the word. – With a geological and geomorphological map.

This geological guide is also available in Spanisch language.