Naif guide to canary customs


Categoría(s): Libros canarios
Materia: Arte, Historia, Mujer
Idioma(s): Inglés
Editorial: > Editorial Zech
Año de publicación: 2006
EAN: 9788493310882
ISBN: 978-84-933108-8-2
Formato: Hardcover
Dimensiones: 22 x 31 cm
Peso: 674 g
Páginas: 84


Traducción al inglés del libro «Guía naïf de costumbres canarias» de Ángeles Violán y Rafael Arozarena

The most beautiful customs and traditions of the Canary Isles

Simbiosis between primitive art and literature

This «Naïf guide to canary customs» has been projected and realized by Ángeles Violán, a painter from Tenerife, who dedicates herself to the naïf arts, a naive and popular style, as an artistic form of expression, and who discover as well her literary facet. Furthermore, she counts with the important and excellent collaboration of the well-known writer, poet, and novel-writer Rafael Arozarena, Canary Award for Literature, thus Arts and Literature Form a perfect symbiotic relationship. The brush and the nib discover at the same time some scenes of local customs, simply and beautifully shown, charged with emotion, feeling, and credible cultural information.

«This «Island Poem» is full of beauty, lustre and tenderness – the tenderness of Ángeles Violán’s figures. With these paintings, she pays homage to the Canary woman and to all the Canary Isles.» (Paloma Herrero, art critic)

«This book acquires the status of a sentimental museum which we can delve into joyously in pursuit of the purest identity of a people, whose pacifism and uprightness have always attracted the attention of scholars of its history and traditions.» (Rafael Arozarena, poet).


Also available the german translation «Galerie der kanarischen Volksbräuche«.



Presentation of the artwork: The Canary Customs of Angeles Violán, by Paloma Herrero
Prologue by Rafael Arozarena
Introduction by Ángeles Violán

The Country Home
Birth and Christening
The Lullaby
The Stone Water-Filter
The Fountain
Washing at the Channel

The Washer
The Ironer
The Healer
Women doing Needlework
The Street Peddlers
The Milk Maids
Sweet Seller

Banana Plantations
Shedding Millet
Almond Trees in Blossom
The Wine Harvest
On the Threshing Floor
Potato Harvesting

The Church Square
St. John to the Beach
St. Peter to the Hills
Canary Wrestling
Floral Decorations
The Flower-decked Chair
The Wedding
Decking the Cross
Floral Carpets
The Procession

Epilogue by Ángeles Violán
Index of Naïf paintings by Ángeles Violán